Hi everyone!

Coach Allen

Coach Allen here, I can’t believe it’s time for me to send out this notice.  As you may or may not know, every year the International Powerlifters Council selects one of its’ members as our Member of the Year!

Last years winner was Mark Bryant!

Who will it be this year???


(1) Must be an IPC Member in good standing at the time of their email request. (Step #3)

(2) Must not be last years winner. (Sorry, lol… every other year is possible though.)

(3) Must email a “MOTY – Request for Consideration” to us by December 23rd, 2018.”

You do not have to be a competitive lifter in order to win.  Although many of you are, and it definitely helps… we’re more interested in your story!  Successes, challenges, injuries overcome, PR’s (increased weights or body weight lost), etc.

Email us with your story, pictures, testimonials, recommendations, etc.

(4) You can nominate yourself or another member of the IPC.

Any questions?

Email us and ask away! MemberServices@InternationalPowerliftersCouncil.com