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For our members and visitors, we’re providing an in-depth course that is sure to help you create, improve, or update your training program.  The course is delivered via email and both days will have a .pdf manual along with a few videos.

The manuals and videos contain different yet at times, overlapping information.  You’ll want to study BOTH the written manuals and videos.  There is no certificate or test with this course.  Here are the topics covered on the specific days:

DAY #1

1. The Types Of Hypertrophy Explained
2. Training For Power – Functional Strength With High Weight
3. Training For Size – Time Under Tension & Slow Eccentrics
4. Not All Strength Is Created Equal
5. Bodyweight Training
6. Gym-Based Training
7. A Simple Workout You Can Do Anywhere
8. Crossfit: Is It For You?

DAY #2

1. Stretching: Why It’s So Important
2. HIIT & TABATA Explained
3. How To Hire A Personal Trainer
4. Paleo Diet Explained
5. Creating Your Own Training Program
6. Powerbuilding + Cardio For Supreme Strength
7. How To Eat For Size And Why It Really Matters
8. The Importance Of Rest And Recovery
9. Supplementation Your Complete Guide
10. The Weider Principles And Other Advanced Methods For Increasing Intensity
11. How To Stay Ripped When Getting Bigger
12. Your Complete Program For Power & Size